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A Bilingual Children's Book

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"This is not just for kids. It's sitting on my coffee table. Unique concept and the illustrations are so beautiful."

- Happy Customer

Disco and Me is a French and English story about a boy whose wish to discover Québec comes true when he meets Disco, a black Labrador. The boy follows Disco on a magical journey beginning in Jacques Cartier National Park. The pair then visit stunning landmarks and wintertime spectacles in Quebec City, and finally a sugar shack (Cabane à Sucre). This story emphasizes the unique and enchanting qualities of Quebec's landscape and culture, and how the French language is alive and is both a part and an expression of Quebecois culture. 

I wrote this book because, as a French teacher, I saw a need for novice to intermediate level French children's books that integrate culture. My love of Quebec began in college, when I did a summer program at the Université Laval and has to continue to grow as I take my students there biannually. They absolutely love it!  

The cover of this book is glossy. It measures 9"X12." The size is both manageable to be handled by young hands, but big enough to be seen when read to students in the classroom. It includes a glossary of Québécois expressions and a proverb used in the book. The bilingual text is separated by fleur-de-lys and maple leaves icons that transform from natural to stylized.

Disco et moi est une histoire d’un garçon dont le souhait de découvrir le Québec se réalise lorsqu'il rencontre Disco, un labrador noir. Ils font un voyage magique qui commence au Parc National de la Jacques Cartier. Ils visitent des endroits merveilleux et des spectacles hivernaux à Quebec, aussi bien qu'une cabane à sucre. Cette histoire fournit une expérience authentique aux lecteurs et souligne les caractéristiques magiques et uniques de la province, et comment la langue française est vivante et à la fois fait partie et une expression de la culture québécoise.

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MDI residents, contact Katrina at for 10% off hardcovers ($31.50 w/tax). Seal Cove pick-up available to avoid shipping fees.


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Disco inspires virtual exploration.
Disco inspire l'exploration virtuelle.

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"This is such a beautiful book, and what a great way to introduce kids to Quebec-they will love the presence of a dog, and [there is] so much wonderful cultural information. Kids won't even realize that at the same time they will be learning more language and becoming better French readers." 

-Melissa Taleb, 4th and 5th grade French immersion teacher, Master of Arts in Teaching, Master of Fine Arts in Writing for Children

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