Bridge intercultural and interpersonal communication, as well as interpretive reading and listening, seamlessly in this unit all about Quebec! Students will discuss important landmarks, cultural events and winter spectacles, québécois expressions and dialect, traditional food and music all in French!  This guide provides activity pages and ideas for how to use the bilingual children’s book, Disco and Me: An Unexpected Adventure in Quebec/Disco et moi: une aventure inattendue au Québec. This 44 pg guide includes associated standards, 14 activity pages, glossaries, example assessments, and worksheet key. Glossaires cover phonetic skills (various accents and letter blends), Québécois expressions and a proverb, and vocabulary. Activity pages include a map, cultural information and various vocabulary, cultural, and phonetic related exercises, such as a scavenger hunt, drawing, a word find, and a song. The book and teacher guide can serve as stand alone unit by which to grow vocabulary, phonological awareness, get students speaking and writing in complete sentences, and foster cultural understanding and appreciation of Quebec. This is ideal for middle school, but can serve younger students in a French immersion program or homeschool. Activities are designed for novice to intermediate low learners.

Disco and Me was self-published and funded. Both the book and teacher guide were labors of love taking 7 years! Here is an article about me and the journey. 

Thank you for your purchase and support! I would love to hear from you. Email me about how you use the book and teacher guide in your classroom and please offer suggestions! 

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